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Heather Treadway


Heather Treadway

Website, Store Setup, and Copy for Portland-based fashion designer, product stylist, and multi-instrumentalist, Heather Treadway.


The Build

Heather needed help organizing and presenting her content. She's executed a variety of projects over the years, and has produced beautiful pieces as well as an array of talents. Not only does she work with large brands like Nike and adidas, but she also has a solid reputation in the Portland music scene as a multi-instrumentalist in Explode Into Colors and Secret Drum Band. We wanted to highlight her design, sewing, teaching, and instrumental skills in an unpretentious but sophisticated way.


The Approach

We organized Heather's work according to project, resulting in a grid of powerful images that allows her users to freely navigate between them. With clean white space and a thick black font, her pristine and well thought-out design comes through - very similar to her fashion. Although Heather isn't selling her collections online, she does showcase her pieces in boutiques throughout Portland, so we made sure to highlight where customers can buy her product.

I gathered inspiration from Heather's eclectic talents and experience. As a fan of Explode Into Colors, it was exciting for me to be a part of this design and get to know Heather more as an artist. My hope is that the aesthetic of her new website matches the quality of the work she creates.