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Medicine Collective


Medicine Collective

Brand Identity, Website, and Store Setup for Medicine Collective, a community of healers collaborating art with medicine.


The Build

Medicine Collective wanted to curate a more intentional vision for their brand. Its community has evolved to include many artists and healers, and their founder offers several services, ranging from tarot readings and art therapies to talisman workshops and space clearings. We needed to work towards an identity that could represent many different trades in a unified, simple way.

I wanted to express the mystical, healing, and gentle energy of Medicine Collective, emphasizing how Mariah's practices are insightful and ceremonious. The client experience needed to be just as personalized and welcoming as the services they offer.

Mariah requested an update to her current logo, and wanted to keep elements of her hummingbird vision. I created a complementary color palette that embraces the indigenous and authentic vibe of the brand.

Websitemockup (1).png

The Approach

An artist through and through, Mariah's vision was best expressed through her photography. Beautiful and vivid images helped to create the feel of what it's like to be inside Medicine Collective's studio. We also needed her booking and purchasing features to be an efficient and accessible process, both for the user and Mariah to navigate.

I drew inspiration from Medicine Collective's presence and mission. Mariah's community involvement, heritage, extensive travels, and study of rituals had to shine. I also wanted to condense their offerings into a more concise format, so we organized her online shop separately from the workshops she offers.

The website became representative of a more dedicated and transparent vision that will help Medicine Collective bring healing and art to communities and individuals.