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design process

6-step design process

Here's what to expect...



We'll start with a brand evaluation and complete brand identity exercises, which will help to manifest an authentic look and feel of your brand. 


02 Logo conceptualization

Next, I’ll create a logo presentation that is influenced by the overall "vibe" and goals of your business. Then, we'll finalize any necessary revisions.

Brand Style Guidelines.png

03 Brand Style Guidelines

Once we refine & finalize your logo, I'll create your Brand Strategy Guide, which includes the logo, font recommendations, and color palette.


04 Marketing Materials

Choose materials that will help you communicate your business values. Marketing materials may include: Social Media Graphics, Blog Post Banners, etc.

Web Design.png

05 Website Design

Now that your brand identity is clear, we can begin the Squarespace website build. In-person or live video tutorials will help you learn the ins and outs as we go.


06 Launch

As we wrap, I'll finish up technicalities like domain setup, social media integration, and SEO, then you'll be ready for launch. Congratulations!